About us

In 1996 Unicell initially started with industrial and consumer powder adhesives in Winschoten, the Netherlands. As a result of entrepreneurship and extensive knowledge gained from experience in the West European wall paper adhesives market (since 1923 Amicel BV, NL) the product range has expanded and focused more on the Do It Yourself (DIY) sector, hence the production gradually moved to Poland.

Today Unicell is specialised in the production and trade of DIY home decoration products. The business is run by a Polish and Dutch family and employs a staff of 160 people. This strong growing company has two production facilities in Poland and a branch in The Netherlands. Apart from Poland, the company is active in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Romania and Ukraine.

Home Decoration Product Range

The product portfolio Unicell offers is quite divers and varies from different types of adhesives, primers, fillers, cleaners, moist absorbers and interior paints to decoration products like stencils and decorative wall stickers. The range also consists of (eco-friendly) wood treatment products for protection and decoration.

Our Brands and Customers

Unicell has a broad selection of successful brands that are widely available in Poland of which the differentiated and growing brand Primacol® is a perfect example (www.sklepdecor.pl).

However, Unicell also has an honourable track record in the development and production of private label ranges and offers a solution for each range from Premium to Fancy Label.

Unicell has a rich experience in cooperation with renowned European DIY chains and is able to meet the specific customer requirements of these professional players.

Unicell as a Solid Business Partner

Unicell has a successful history of product launches and can offer attractive price-quality standards. Due to the flexible and flat organization with high standard research and development, own laboratory facilities and a marketing and design department, we are in a position to act quickly and meet short lead times and custom made solutions.
We are looking forward to get to know you, explore and outline possible mutual opportunities and investigate how we can meet your needs.

If you are interested, Please contact via mail: info(at)@unicell.nl for further information.